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Some People Find It Difficult to Survive in the Tech Industry

Photo by Viktoria Slowikowska from Pexels

Conversation between my friend Bob and me.

Me: — Hello Bob. How are you?

Bob:—Hello I’m fine.

Me: — Alice told me that you have decided to change your industry.

Bob: — Yes, I have decided to change my industry in which I work.

Me: — What are you thinking to do?.

Bob: —I’m going to move on to software engineering.

Me: — Great. Have you started learning to code?

Bob: —Yes, I am learning to code from Udemy.

Me: — OKAY. How is it going? Are you able to understand everything?

Bob: — Yes. It is going well. The…

A Slogan Game That I Played With My Friends

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

As software developers, we work with different languages. Switching between different languages is a difficult decision that we will have to make in a few years.

Since this morning I have been working on a project. After writing code all day, I had made my day boring. I decided to have fun with my friends.

I called two of my friends. These two friends are software developers.

We decided to play a game over the phone. We decided to make slogans for each language we have worked with.

They were excited to play with me. We settled on eleven languages…

Make your life as a developer easier

Man standing on dock
Photo by Vinicius Malta from Pexels.

Every developer wants to finish the work assigned to them quickly. No developer wants to keep looking for resources. As developers, we want to work smarter rather than harder.

Here’s an amazing list of GitHub repositories that will make your life as a developer easier.

I use some of them regularly in my work.

· 1. HTML5 Boilerplate
How can this repository help you?
Key Features
· 2. Developer Roadmap
How can this repository help you?
Key Features
· 3. Realworld
How can this repository help you?
Key Features
· 4…

Programmers Don’t Always Listen to Music While Writing Code

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You got the internship.

You were excited the first week. During the first week, your job includes reading documentation for a frontend framework.

For the first two weeks, you didn’t have much work to do. You chat with other people around you. You listen to some hip-hop music in your spare time.

During these two weeks, you have observed that most developers always wear their headphones.

I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. I used to think that other developers love listening to music. Especially when they are writing code.

I was totally wrong.

When I…

#2 As a self-taught programmer, you lack the correct way to learn through online courses

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Being a self-taught programmer is not easy. Every year, many people graduate from college with a degree in computer science, and most of them want to do a job as a developer for good companies. Therefore, it will be difficult to find your first job as a self-taught programmer.

This list will suggest some of the methods you could apply to get your first job as a developer in a company and will save many self-taught programmers who spend their days depressed. This will also help you to save mental energy as a programmer.

1. The Power Behind the Prerequisites of Any Course Available Over The Internet.

Suppose you decide that you will…

My excitement vanished after a few days.

Photo by Paul Castanié on Unsplash

I applied for several paid internships.

I received rejection emails from more than ten companies. Some of them told me that I did not have the necessary skills. Some companies do not give me a reason for my rejections.

Recruiters from other major companies ghosted me.

I really wanted to get an internship. I started applying for paid internships at startups. From startups, I also started receiving rejection emails.

I asked the reason behind my rejection. One of the reasons they told me was because my projects were copied from different YouTube channels. …

Helpful GitHub repositories for daily needs

Photo From Pixabay

As a developer, when you have no knowledge of the tools available, you end up spending more time at work, on activities that should require only a small amount of time with the right tools.

That is why knowing the right tools becomes important in the life of a developer. The developer’s life becomes easy with the right kind of tools and plugins.

Here are 11 Github repositories that can come in handy in the life of frontend developers.

1. Awesome-Design-Tools

23.4k Github Stars

How can this repository help you?

This repository contains the best tools and plugins for any type of design work. Tools and plugins related…

Writing HTML Is Easy With the Help of These Extensions.

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

VS Code is one of the most popular code editors available. VS Code is completely free and has a clear interface.

Most of the developers use VS Code to do their job. Today, Vs code is used a lot in the development environment. The extensions available in VS Code make a developer’s life simple and fun.

Here are five extensions that can help you write HTML faster.

1. Live Server

They Have a Secret Motive Behind the Investment.

Photo by Eren Li from Pexels

On a comedy show I was watching a few days ago, they were promoting Amazon Alexa. I started wondering why these famous tech companies are spending so much money on the marketing and development of voice assistance.

A few years ago, people mainly know two ways to buy any item. They will either visit a store in the nearby market or order that item from an online shopping site.

But now, AI is changing everything in the retail sector. Either by making a product recommendation or a quick product delivery. AI is everywhere.

For all those people who grew up…

We Have Shifted From Text-Based Captcha to Image-Based Captcha.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

My computer sometimes thinks that I am a robot. Then it gives me a captcha to pass and once I am able to pass the test. The computer begins to believe that I am a human.

I hate Captchas. They are everywhere. Whether you create a new profile on a dating website or try to book a flight. Captchas make their appearance in one way or another.

A few days ago, I was creating a new profile on a dating website. That website asked me to fill out a captcha. I failed that test twice. …

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