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Develop These Habits and Become a Successful Programmer

There are only few habits that differentiate an ineffective programmer from an effective programmer. After observing many developers in the programming industry. I have reached to these five points.

Through these points you can decide if you are an effective programmer or not.

Even if you are missing some of the habits, you could develop all the missing habits. Once you have the habits you lack, you are on the path of the successful programmer.

Here are five shocking habits of most effective programmers.

1. They Understand the Importance of Touch Typing and Remember Shortcut Keys

In touch typing, you don’t need to look at the keyboard while typing. As a programmer…

Programmers Don’t Always Listen to Music While Writing Code

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You got the internship.

You were excited the first week. During the first week, your job includes reading documentation for a frontend framework.

For the first two weeks, you didn’t have much work to do. You chat with other people around you. You listen to some hip-hop music in your spare time.

During these two weeks, you have observed that most developers always wear their headphones.

I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. I used to think that other developers love listening to music. Especially when they are writing code.

I was totally wrong.

When I…

#2 As a self-taught programmer, you lack the correct way to learn through online courses

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Being a self-taught programmer is not easy. Every year, many people graduate from college with a degree in computer science, and most of them want to do a job as a developer for good companies. Therefore, it will be difficult to find your first job as a self-taught programmer.

This list will suggest some of the methods you could apply to get your first job as a developer in a company and will save many self-taught programmers who spend their days depressed. This will also help you to save mental energy as a programmer.

1. The Power Behind the Prerequisites of Any Course Available Over The Internet.

Suppose you decide that you will…

Key takeaways from my mistakes

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Getting a call for a coding interview is difficult.

If you are a self-taught programmer, receiving a call for a coding interview becomes ten times more difficult. You have to try hard, and you should try different ways to get an interview call.

Once you receive an interview, call after trying too hard. Nobody wants to be rejected after receiving an interview call from the company.

However, I have been rejected not because of my programming skills, but because of my poor communication skills.

1. Forcing Yourself To Not Smile in the Interview

When I first interviewed, I was an amateur, and I was very nervous.

I treated the…

Learning to code on your own Is like learning to swim

Photo by Famous Artist Painter Ortega Maila on Unsplash

When you are learning to swim for the first time:

  • You are scared.
  • You doubt that you don’t have the swimming skills.

You need to be highly motivated as a lack of motivation and courage will prevent you from learning to swim. The first time you try to swim, you need mental toughness.

It is not difficult. It’s just that your mind is playing games with you. Learning to code on your own is similar to that.

You can be someone who could be in another career. You need mental toughness to say that you are not enjoying your career…

#5. They Don’t Get Jealous of Other Content Creators Success.

Photo by ANTHONY SHKRABA production from Pexels

The journey of being a content creator is difficult.

As a content creator, you put hours of effort into producing quality content. Even after spending hours creating content. Most of your content ideas fail to satisfy the end-user.

If you let the content stats and comments decide your mood. Most of the time you will end up being unhappy.

Some people who consume your content will always write negative comments. Few people are wired just that way. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you produce. It can be text, audio or video-based. They are always available to criticize.


Captchas Were Designed to Authenticate Computer Users.

Photo by Gaetan Boutet on Unsplash

You hate Captchas.

I hate Captchas.

Although we are both human. I’m sure your computer sometimes thinks you are a robot. Then the computer asks you to prove that you are not a robot.

If you are creating a new profile on a dating website. Or you are requesting delivery of some items from an application. Captchas appear everywhere.

What Inspired Me to Write This Story

Today morning before writing this story. I was creating a new profile on a website. That website asked me to fill out a captcha. I failed that test twice.

In my life, I have never failed a test twice.

The third…

It Is a Lifelong Habit That You Must Practice Every Day.

Photo by Sky Barker from Pexels

Ideas travel. From one brain to another.

You don’t have to be a born genius to spot a high-value idea. All you need to do is spend your time and energy searching for a great idea.

Your ideas can help you start a business.

If you are already doing a business. It can help you beat your competitor. Your ideas can help your business grow to heights you never imagined.

Any innovative person who is willing to create something new and meaningful looks for great ideas.

Finding a high-value idea is serious business.

There is no step-by-step process to find…

An Approach That Works in the Life of Any Type of Developer

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

I was sure I was going to miss the deadline.

There were only two days left before the deadline. I needed to complete a lot of work. This was my first freelance project.

Something was wrong with my approach.

When you miss a deadline, you know for sure that something must change. If you do not work on changing it, you will lose a deadline again.

This Approach Made Me Miss My Deadlines

I was assigned a project to create a dating application.

Rather than breaking the app down into a small set of achievable goals. I used to get too excited about writing code.

There are…

You are paid to solve complex problems, not to memorize the syntax of a language.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

You got your first freelance client.

His name is Michael.

Michael is special to you. Not because he’s your first client. He is special because someone you know personally has suggested your name.

You’re excited to have a chat with Michael.

Your First Conversation With Michael

Micheal — Let’s get straight to the point.

You — Yes.

Micheal —How long have you been creating Android applications?

You —I am a newbie. I had started learning to code ten months ago.

Micheal — Go ahead. Tell me all about your career as a developer.

You — I don’t want to hide anything. I am a self-taught…

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