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#2 As a self-taught programmer, you lack the correct way to learn through online courses

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Being a self-taught programmer is not easy. Every year, many people graduate from college with a degree in computer science, and most of them want to do a job as a developer for good companies. Therefore, it will be difficult to find your first job as a self-taught programmer.


Five weird reasons why few developers were laid off from work.

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Nobody dreams of being fired from their job.

Still, it happens. People are fired. When asked about the reason why they were fired. They often tell lies. They will blame their co-workers or their bosses.

You will rarely meet developers who accept their mistakes at being fired. …

If you have these six traits in yourself, you are on the path of greater achievement on your journey.

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I wished I had these traits when I started to write the code professionally.

As I wrote more code and interacted with other developers from different parts of the world. I have observed that some traits separate rockstar and mediocre developers.

Even as a developer, if you lack some of…

Sanjay Priyadarshi

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